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Tea Kettle Infuser (500ml)

Tea Kettle Infuser (500ml)

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Embrace the beauty and art of tea steeping with our exquisite 500ml Glass Tea Kettle with Infuser! This elegant teapot allows you to witness the mesmerizing transformation of loose leaf tea leaves as they unfurl and release their vibrant colors and aromas.

Brewing Perfection:

  • Visual Delight: The crystal-clear glass design allows you to observe the brewing process firsthand, enhancing your tea appreciation.
  • Full Flavor Extraction: The removable mesh infuser ensures optimal steeping, capturing the full essence and subtle nuances of your favorite loose leaf tea blends.
  • Ideal Capacity: The 500ml capacity is perfect for brewing a single serving or sharing a pot of tea with loved ones.

More than just a Teapot:

  • Heat-Resistant Glass: Crafted from high-quality heat-resistant glass, this teapot is built to withstand stovetop temperatures for easy tea preparation.
  • Easy Cleaning: The removable infuser and smooth glass surfaces allow for effortless cleaning, ensuring a pleasant tea-drinking experience from start to finish.

The Elegant Brewing: 500ml Glass Tea Kettle with Infuser is ideal for:

  • Tea connoisseurs: Witness the magic of loose leaf tea steeping firsthand and appreciate the full spectrum of flavors.
  • Those seeking an elevated tea experience: Enjoy the visual beauty and functional benefits of a premium glass teapot.
  • Perfect gift for tea lovers: Share the joy of brewing exceptional tea with a thoughtful and elegant gift.

Invest in the art of tea brewing and elevate your tea experience today!

    Product Info & Guides

    Product Specifications:

    • Color: As shown in the picture.
    • Material: Stainless steel and High borosilicate glass
    • Size: 13 x 13 x 12.4 cm.
    • Appearance: Clear glass teapot, good for monitoring the brewing process.
    • Use For : Loose Leaf Tea
    • How to clean: Remove the mesh, raise the glass and mesh with warm water and clean with mild dish soap.
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