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Herbal Blood Cleanser

Herbal Blood Cleanser

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A cup of Health-Tea Herbal is all you need to keep your blood clean and your body functioning like a well-oiled machine! Enjoy a delicious caffeine-free concoction of Indian spices that helps your liver, kidneys, spleen, intestines, skin, and lymphatic system stay healthy and efficient. Cleanse your blood in style – it's that easy!

Brewing Guides

  • Recommended: With water (180 ml)
  • Water Temperature: 90°C - 95°C (194°F - 203°F)
  • Tea Per Cup: 1 Teaspoon (2.5 gm)
  • Steep Time: 3-4 mins
  • Add in honey to taste and serve hot

Health Benefits

  • Anti-inflammatory compounds help combat and prevent heart diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, metabolic syndrome, and various other illnesses
  • Help people with Arthritis
  • It helps against depression and anxiety issues
  • It helps in delaying the aging process and fights against other age-related diseases
  • Soothes sore muscles
  • Eases period cramps
  • It helps in lowering bad cholesterol level 
  • It gives you relief from acid reflux and indigestion problems
  • Improves liver function 
  • Protects your stomach from the risk of developing ulcers and helps in healing existing ulcers
  • It may ease upper respiratory conditions like asthma
  • Protects your teeth against cavity
  • It can help fight viral infections like colds and flu
  • It may indirectly help with weight loss
  • Improves your sleep quality and duration

Additional Information

  • Category: Herbal Tea 
  • Caffeine: N/A
  • Aroma: Spicy
  • Tasting notes: Spicy
  • Best Served: Hot
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