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Lady Dayans | Colombian Coffee

Lady Dayans | Colombian Coffee

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Whole Bean or Ground?

Product Description

Embrace the captivating flavors of Colombian coffee with Lady Dayans!

Cultivated in the heart of the Huila region, renowned for its exceptional coffee beans, Lady Dayans offers a single-origin coffee experience unlike any other.

A Journey to Huila in Every Cup:

Vibrant Huila Flavor: Each cup brims with the unique taste profile of Huila coffees, known for their rich body, well-balanced acidity, and notes of chocolate, caramel, and stone fruit.

Single-Origin Excellence: Sourced from a single estate in Huila, Lady Dayans guarantees consistency and exceptional quality in every cup.

Exciting and Approachable: This coffee is perfect for both coffee connoisseurs seeking a unique experience and casual coffee drinkers wanting to explore premium Colombian beans.

Lady Dayans Colombian Coffee is ideal for:

Coffee enthusiasts: Discover the distinct character of Huila coffees with this single-origin blend.

Fans of Colombian coffee: Experience the rich heritage and exceptional quality of Colombian beans.

Those seeking a flavorful and approachable coffee: Enjoy a delightful cup that is both exciting and easy to appreciate.

Embark on a Flavorful Colombian Adventure:

Order your Lady Dayans Colombian Coffee today and savor the unique taste of the Huila region in every cup.

Additional Info

  • Roast: Medium Roast
  • Character: Apple, Sweet, Milk Chocolate
  • Altitude:1500 – 1600m
  • Region:Huila, Colombia
  • Varieties:Caturra, Castillo
  • Process: Fully washed
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Coffee Craftsmanship at its Best

From Purity to Precision, Savor Excellence in Every Sip

  • Purity in Every Cup:

    Our coffee stands out with the washed process, meticulously removing outer layers and defective beans. This ensures a pure and clean flavor profile, allowing you to savor the true essence of the coffee bean without any unwanted elements.

  • Crafted for Consistency:

    With a focus on quality, our beans undergo a rigorous process from cherry to shipment. The careful washing, soaking, and drying stages, combined with precise sorting, guarantee a consistently exceptional product in every batch. Enjoy a reliable and delightful coffee experience with each cup.

  • Precision Roasting Excellence:

    Employing the state-of-the-art Loring S15, our coffee is meticulously roasted with precision to unlock and accentuate each bean's natural flavors, ensuring a consistently high-quality brew.

  • Eco-Friendly Innovation:

    Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in the Loring S15, the most energy-efficient roaster in the market. By choosing our coffee, you're not just savoring exceptional flavors but also supporting environmentally conscious practices in coffee production.

Customer Reviews

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callibean tauner
Great for a change!

Amazingly it was so good coming for it again.

camron taylor
A delightful surprise!

I love It

Bold and flavorful!

Can't get enough of Lady Dayans Colombian coffee.