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Double Wall Cup Set (4 pcs) - 80 ml

Double Wall Cup Set (4 pcs) - 80 ml

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Elevate your tea ritual with the elegance and functionality of our Double Wall Glass Teacup Set! This exquisite set of four 80ml teacups is crafted from premium borosilicate glass, renowned for its durability and clarity.

Unveiling Beauty and Functionality:

  • Double Wall Insulation: Enjoy the warmth of your tea for longer thanks to the double-walled construction. This innovative design keeps your beverage hot while the outer wall remains cool to the touch, preventing burns.
  • Mesmerizing Visual Appeal: Witness the captivating visual effect as your tea appears to float within the cup. The double wall creates a stunning optical illusion, enhancing your tea-drinking experience.
  • Perfect Size for Savoring: The 80ml capacity is ideal for enjoying a mindful cup of tea, allowing you to fully appreciate the aroma and flavor profile of your chosen blend.

The Double Wall Glass Teacup Set is ideal for:

  • Tea connoisseurs: Experience the pure taste and aroma of your favorite teas with exceptional clarity.
  • Design enthusiasts: Appreciate the modern and elegant design that complements any tea service.
  • The perfect gift: Share the joy of a luxurious tea experience with a loved one.

Invest in a touch of elegance and functionality. Order your Double Wall Glass Teacup Set today and elevate your tea routine!

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    Product Features:

    • One Set : 4 x 80ml Double Wall Cups 
    • Glass Capacity: 80ml/2.73 Oz 
    • Features: Double Wall, Portable, Transparent, Heat Insulated 
    • Height: 7cm/2.76", Perimeter: 6.5cm/2.56" (Approx.)
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