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Giddapahar White Tea

Giddapahar White Tea

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Brewing Guides

  • Recommended: With water
  • Water Temperature: 80°C to 85°C (180°F to 185°F)
  • Tea Leaves per cup: 2 Teaspoon
  • Steep Time: 3 Minutes

Health Benefits

  • Rich in health-beneficial Antioxidants
  • May Improve Blood Pressure
  • It may help reduce the risk of heart-related diseases
  • Could help in reducing weight
  • Protects teeth from harmful bacteria
  • Some of the compounds may help fight cancer
  • It may lower the risk of insulin resistance in your body
  • It may help protect your bones from Osteoporosis
  • It may help combat skin aging

NOTE: We do not recommend you use these teas as a substitute for any medical treatment. Please consult a healthcare professional before changing your diet or lifestyle.

Additional Information

  • Category: White Tea
  • Caffeine: Low
  • Region: Kurseong, Darjeeling
  • Aroma: Sweet & Floral
  • Tasting notes: Soft and mellow with mild fruity notes
  • Liquor Colour: Greenish white
  • Best Served: Hot/cold

Embrace a cup of pure luxury with Giddapahar White Tea, a breathtaking experience for the senses! Sourced from the esteemed Giddapahar Tea Estate nestled in the Kurseong Valley of Darjeeling, this organic white tea embodies generations of expertise and dedication.

Unveiling a Heavenly Brew:

  • Hand-Picked Perfection: Each delicate white tea leaf is meticulously hand-picked at the peak of freshness, ensuring exceptional quality and unmatched flavor.
  • Organic Cultivation: Cultivated with the utmost respect for nature, these organic leaves are free from harmful chemicals and artificial additives.
  • A Symphony of Flavors: Savor the captivating interplay between floral and grassy notes, creating a complex and elegant taste profile.
  • Greenish-White Elegance: The liquor boasts a beautiful greenish-white hue, further enhancing the visual appeal of this exceptional tea.

Giddapahar White Tea is ideal for:

  • White tea connoisseurs: Experience the unparalleled quality and taste of a Darjeeling white tea from a renowned estate.
  • Discerning tea drinkers: Appreciate the subtle nuances and delicate flavor profile of this exquisite white tea.
  • Those seeking a luxurious treat: Indulge in a cup of pure bliss, perfect for a moment of relaxation or a special occasion.

Embrace the Essence of Purity:

Order your Giddapahar White Tea today and embark on a journey of unparalleled taste and quality. Experience the magic of organic, hand-picked leaves, savoring a cup of pure heavenly bliss.

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